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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A special reason for the new blog!

WE ARE ADOPTING!  I decided to start this new blog to keep interested friends, family, and even strangers aware of our journey to adopt.  I also thought it would be a great way for me to document the journey, as well as document our lives in general.  It will be a testament to the things God will do and we will be able to look back in amazement at God's goodness.

We have been wanting to adopt for several years, but knew it was not the time.  Then, November of 2011 we felt the Lord leading us to begin taking the steps.  In January, we began our homestudy and after 7 months we are finished and approved to adopt from China!  It feels so good to have the homestudy over.  This whole journey has been a faith walk and will continue to be so, even after our daughter is home.

Why adopt?  We get asked this question so many times.  And there are so many reasons we have chosen adoption.  So here are our reasons...

1.  We must be obedient to God's call.  This does not really require an explanation.  What I love about God, is that the very thing He calls us to, He often puts a desire in our heart for.  It may not be right away, but as we follow Him, He molds our desires into His plans.
2.  According to World Orphans, there is an estimated 153,000,000 orphans in the world right now.  They are the very weakest of society.  If we, as the church, turn our heads and pretend it is not a problem, these children are left to institutions, sex trafficking, child soldiers, and poverty.
3.  God designed family.  While we want the orphanages to be clean, to have educated caretakers, and provide schooling for the orphans, they are  NOT families.  God designed family.  These children need a mom and dad who are committed to them forever, not a better orphanage.  An institution can NEVER replace a mom and dad's love.
4.  God placed the desire in us to have another daughter.  We wanted our family to grow and have chosen to do so through adopting.

I think this will be enough for my first post!  I have so many more thoughts and so much more I could write about, but I will save it for another time.