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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Officially Ours

Today was a hard day for Lexa and it is so heartbreaking to see her sad and afraid. She has times where she is happy and playful, but then there are times when she just needs to cry. I am thankful that she wants to cry in my arms and receive comfort. I have heard of children who have had crying spells that did not want to receive comfort from their adoptive parents. But, it is not easy to see your child so sad and there is nothing that you can do to help "fix" how she is feeling. All I can do is hold her and pray. Another difficult thing is that Lexa is hardly eating anything. I think she is just too upset to eat. She will take one bite and eat nothing else. (and it is food that we know she likes) I am praying that she will be able to eat and at least drink more tomorrow. Today we had an appointment at the Civil Affairs office again to finalize the adoption. It was a little scary because this unfriendly man was asking us very direct questions about why we would want to adopt, and why we want to have 4 kids, etc. His accent was so strong and it was hard to understand what he was saying and he was questioning our motives and all I could think was, "Oh my word, we got this far, please don't let this man tell us we can't adopt her now!" The scariest part was when he asked Andy if he knew Lexa's Chinese name. I knew he knew the name they called her, but I didn't know if he knew the full name. He did great though! I didn't know what the guy was going to say if Andy did not know it! After the interrogation, he stamped the paper and said we were finished. Whew!!! After this appointment, we went to the department store to get Lexa some shoes. The ones on her feet were way to small. She was so excited about her new shoes and didn't want to take them off all day. Then, after they were off, she put them back on. :) We went to a Chinese restaurant with another adoptive family this afternoon. Lexa and Jadyn had a special bath bonding time tonight. Lexa was so afraid of the bath at first. She never was in one before and cried when we first put her in. She did not want to sit down in it. I asked Jadyn to get in with her and we gave the girls some cups and Lexa just started copying Jadyn and playing with the cups in the water. She loved it! She laughed and smiled and loved pouring the water on her body and even dumped a cup of it on her head. Tomorrow is another appointment and Lexa will need to get a medical exam. I am not looking forward to this as she will need blood drawn for a TB test and I am told they will not let the parents in the room with child. I would appreciate prayers for Lexa and her grieving and for the appointment tomorrow. Here a few pics from today!


  1. She is so cute!!! I'm so glad she is officially yours!!! :). Praying for her adjustment. So glad to hear she is willing to accept comfort from you- such a good sign!

    :) fannie

  2. Love you guys, and cant wait to meet Lexa!

  3. Love you guys, and cant wait to meet Lexa!