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Sunday, May 12, 2013

We are in CHINA!

I have not updated this blog in ages, but decided I wanted to keep a record of our trip so I am going to attempt to update while we are here! We had quite a long journey to get here. We had a flight delay and had to spend the night in Japan, but we had a good night there and it was kind of nice to break up the journey. I had never been on a flight so long before and it was exhausting!! Jadyn did very well and kept busy watching movies, coloring, and working on school work. Today, we flew into Hong Kong and then had a private van ride into Guangzhou which is where we are staying while we are in China. Our agency travel guide books the hotels and arranges transportation for us, which makes thing very easy. Plus, they put us in a VERY nice and fancy hotel. I have NEVER stayed at a hotel this nice before. I will take some photos to post another day. We didn't get here until 5:30 pm and just got settled, ate dinner, and walked around the area a bit to see what was around us. Jadyn is already receiving extra attention because of her long blonde hair. When we were out she was approached by a "model agent" who wanted us to get Jadyn photographed to be model. They had a modeling agency card and wanted to schedule a photo shoot. We declined. :) We miss the boys so much but realize after the long flight and all the traveling that it would not have been practical at all for them to come. Tomorrow is the big day! We finally get to meet and hold Lexa. We will meet her around 2:30. We are so excited and nervous at the same time. My heart is full of so many different emotions. I love adoption, but the reality is, there are a lot of losses involved. I feel so sad knowing that Lexa is about to lose everything that she knows. Our prayer is that we can form an attachment as quickly as possible and we are relying on God to give us the wisdom we need to parent Lexa over the next few months as she adjusts to a new life. I hope to update the blog tomorrow and add some photos of our special day.

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