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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Safari Zoo

Today we went to the Safari Park Zoo for something to do on a day without any meetings. We had a good day together and Lexa seems to be more and more at ease each day. She is very smart and copies everything that Jadyn does. If Jadyn takes her shoes off, Lexa takes her shoes off. It is so adorable to watch them together. Lexa is also attempting some English words. She seems to be picking things up pretty quickly and is understanding some basic things. She loves playing in the bath and dumping water on her head. She laughs easily and loves when I tickle her. She has a contagious smile. It is so big and lights up her whole face. Jadyn has been the BEST big sister. It just warms my heart to see Jadyn putting Lexa's wants before her own so that Lexa will be happy. We have been careful to make sure Jadyn has her special times too, but she has been so giving, kind-hearted, and sensitive to Lexa's needs. Andy and I get a kick out of the English translations on the signs. Tomorrow we have our consulate appointment and Bao Song Qi officially becomes Lexa Joeley Lloyd!


  1. It's been so fun to read your blog posts! I found myself laughing at the translations and remembering funny ones from when I lived in China. :) Also found myself mentally calculating how much it costs in U.S. dollars to feed the giraffes. Ha!

  2. Hoping to be able to go to this place! Last time we were in another province first and didn't have enough time.